Get to Know Your Newest Doctors

Mar 25, 2021

This past year, we expanded several areas in our office in order to adapt to our ever- growing practice.

This past year, we expanded several areas in our office in order to adapt to our ever- growing practice. As part of our expansion, we were delighted to be able to bring on two more doctors. While they’re new to our practice, they’re not new to dentistry. These professionals come from experienced and diverse backgrounds spanning the US to the UK.

Dr. Krishna Katira, DDS.

Dr. Katira started with us back in November 2020, bringing with her a passion for cosmetic and endodontic dentistry. Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Dr. Katira moved to the UK at the age of 18 to pursue her career in dentistry. After she graduated, she practiced general dentistry in the UK for over 11 years before deciding to move to the US with her husband. Once she made it to the states, she worked to become re-certified at the University of Minnesota with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Distinction. From there, she went on to complete a year-long Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency.

Her childhood in Kenya was her inspiration for becoming a dentist, as she witnesses people’s pain and suffering due to the lack of everyday essentials such as basic health and dental care. “This inspired me to give back to underserved communities…as well as being able to go on mission trips to India and Guatemala.”, said Dr. Katira.

Dr. Katira lives with her husband, Bhavik and her son, Aarav and new puppy, Ms. Mili. She enjoys being outdoors, skiing, going for long walks and would love to add practicing yoga to her daily routine. However, her true love is losing herself in a great novel.

We asked Dr. Katira some fun questions to get to know her even better! When asked what her favorite childhood book was, she chose the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. If Dr. Katira could meet any historical figure, she’d choose to meet Lord Buddha. And if she had to eat only one meal for the rest of her life, she’d pick chili/spicy fries from Nairobi.

Next time you’re in the office, be sure to say hello to Dr. Katira and ask what some of her specialties are, we know she’d love to get to know you all!

Dr. Kacie Sharpe, DMD.

Dr. Sharpe joined us recently in February and has hit the ground running. Born in Sonora, Kentucky, Dr. Sharpe attended Centre College in Danville, KY before receiving her doctorate from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 2014. She also completed a year-long residency at the University of Louisville Hospital following graduation.

“My passion in dentistry centers around getting to know my patients personally and ensuring they feel comfortable and educated regarding their oral health.” said Dr. Sharpe. As part of her drive to continue to educate herself, Dr. Sharpe is an active member of a local Spear Study Club and the Restorative Driven Implants group. While there, she collaborates with dental professionals on complex dental cases. Dr. Sharpe stated, “I am constantly looking to learn in order to provide the very best care to my patients.”

In 2015, Dr. Sharpe then moved to Minnesota with her husband, Will, and their two children, Trip and Blake Alice. She enjoys spending time with her family traveling and being outdoors hiking and biking.

We also asked Dr. Sharpe to share some fun facts about herself that her patients would find interesting! She noted her love and talent for writing poetry, and she one day wants to write a book. When asked what her favorite childhood book was, Dr. Sharpe mentioned the Harry Potter and Nancy Drew series. And if she could have any superpower, she’d choose teleportation in order to instantly be able to visit friends and family who live all around the world. Lastly, if she had to eat one meal for the rest of her life, Dr. Sharpe would pick a classic cheeseburger and fries.

As well as saying hello to Dr. Katira, be sure to introduce yourself to Dr. Sharpe and let her know you’d love an exam from her! She’s excited to get to know all of our incredible patients. And Lindgren Dental Care is eager to have two new doctors on the team who are passionate about their work and dedicated to their patients!