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October is Dental Hygiene Month

By Lindgren Dental Care In Your Health October 1, 2018

To most of you, dental hygiene means brushing twice a day, flossing more or using a fluoride rinse at home. But to hygienists, it means a dedication to the needs of each one of you.We asked our hygienists what it means to them.


"My dental hygiene career has been an opportunity to connect with people, to educate, to be their cheerleader, and to provide care so they can achieve a healthy, happy smile." - Katy


"It is a rewarding career in which I am able to connect with people and educate them about the importance of oral health. I have the unique opportunity to help patients make informed decisions and establish healthy routines. The most rewarding aspect of dental hygiene is seeing the confidence and joy that a healthy smile brings to the patient." - Deb

"I am passionate about establishing long lasting relationships with my patients. I like to think my relationships with my patients are a partnership where we work together to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. I am grateful for all of the great experiences I have had with patients and co-workers." - Rachel


"It is a way to educate and engage with the community. Throughout my schooling, I made the education of others a focus. Now at Lindgren Dental Care I have the opportunity to implement my ideas and spread my knowledge to others and help stop preventable diseases early on. It also means that I get to meet some pretty cool people." - Sarah